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Polar Ecology Conference is organised by the Centre for Polar Ecology, Faculty of Science, University of South Bohemia from September 21st to September 25th 2014 - see program for more info. Main focus of the conference is the recent dynamics of Arctic ecosystems. Geographically the conference aims to the Arctic with special emphasis on Svalbard. However studies from Antarctica are highly appreciated as well.





During last decades the Czech Republic is slowly becoming an important member of the scientific community in the Arctic. Recently a new proper research station in Svalbard - Longyearbyen - has been established. We feel that the opportunity of meeting new people and creating new partnerships is especially appreciated by our young scientists and students. Therefore, the main goal of the conference is to welcome especially young researches from both fields of biological and Earth sciences. This conference is supposed to be an ideal place for exchanging knowledge and experiences.





The conference will take place in České Budějovice, Czech Republic. The head of the scientific commitee is Josef Elster (Centre for Polar Ecology, University of South Bohemia). Other members are: David Hik (University of Alberta + IASC), Terry Callaghan (University of Sheffield + InterAct), Jacek Jania (University of Silesia) and Andreas Richter (University of Viena)


Organising commitee consists of Jan Kavan and Alexandra Bernardová (Centre for Polar Ecology, University of South Bohemia).





Special attention will be paid to young scientists poster and oral presentation. The best poster and best oral presentation will be awarded a special prize by the scientific committee. Young scientist category is defined by being a student at the time of the conference or having the PhD finished less than 5 years ago.





There will be a special issue of Czech Polar Reports dedicated to publishing the most interesting and valuable contributions as full papers, short communications or Technical Notes (if the author is willing to). You can find more information on Czech Polar Reports here.





In cooperation with Yulia Zaika (APECS) we will organize an APECS panel on "Organizing succesful field-work". Practical tips from our experienced mentors would certainly help you to plan your field work and prepare all whats necessary! The meeting is intended especially to young scientist but all the others are welcomed as well!





Functioning of Antarctic Terrestrial Ecosystems in Changing Environment is a side meeting organised together with Masaryk University in Brno. The workshop is focused on actual state-of-art in the field of functioning of Antarctic ecosystems under ongoing global changes. For more information, please follow the link.