Lets have a look on short reports and photos from 2013 field course - follow the link here! Detailed report is being prepared and will be available soon...


CPE ensures the course entitled "Polar ecology course" consisting of both biological section and Earth sciences section. The course itself consists of 1 week intensive theoretical preparation in respective fields of interest and then especially 10-12 days field work on the station in Svalbard.

The course will take place in CPE in Ceske Budejovice during spring semester (12-16 May 2014) and consequently during the summer season in Svalbard in the following dates according to your specialisation:

botany/physiology + zoology/parasitology                                  1st half of July

geology/geomorphology + climatology/glaciology                        2nd half of July

hydrology/limnology + microbiology/algology                              1st half August


There will be about 20-24 students in total. To apply use the web application here. The deadline for application is January 10th 2014. For more info please ask us on email:  Please, include your CV and letter of motivation! Results will be known in late January.


information leaflet available here



To know what is happening during the fieldcourse please refer to the following links:


report from 2012 polar ecology course - available here


short news with photographs from 2013 season fieldwork - available here


research report from 2012  - available here